Tree Pruning


“Pruning is one of the best things an arborist can do for a tree but one of the worst things we can do to a tree.” – Dr. Alex Shigo, widely regarded as the father of modern arboriculture


“If I could choose the type of work that I do day in and day out, I believe that I would spend my days in the canopy of a tree. I truly enjoy pruning, and it is rewarding to make a positive contribution to the health, appearance and longevity of a tree.” – Harry Nifong, Renaissance Tree Care, Inc.


Renaissance Tree Care, Inc. takes a holistic approach to tree care. We can enter any tree canopy in a non-invasive way. We never wear climbing spikes on a living tree. The system of pruning we began studying in the early 1980’s and still practice is “natural target” pruning. Cuts are always made properly at natural branch collars to cause the least injury to the tree and to speed the tree’s natural response to the wound. Cuts are always made with the natural shape and form of that particular species of tree in mind. We never “top” trees. Topping cuts are a non-selective heading cut that causes the branch to die back or form weak, rapid, bushy sprouts that are unsightly. Our ultimate consideration is always each tree’s long-term health and appearance.

We emphasize to customers that pruning is wounding. The tree is going to have to seal and compartmentalize any pruning cut that is made. There has to be a clear goal and a specific purpose for any pruning or the tree is better off left alone. Proper pruning has many benefits. Improper pruning can cause serious harm to the tree’s health, stability and appearance. Renaissance Tree Care, Inc. refers to the ANSI A300 Tree Care Standard Definitions on our proposals to specify the work that we are going to perform. Don’t allow anyone to prune your tree who does not understand and follow the ANSI Best Management Practices for Tree Pruning. We can clearly explain to you what we are doing, how we are going to do it, and why we are doing it. Don’t accept anything less.

  • Pruning to Clean – Cleaning is the selective removal of dead, diseased, detached, cracked, and broken branches.
  • Pruning to Thin – Thinning is the selective removal of small live branches to reduce crown density.
  • Pruning to Raise (Elevate, Lift) – Raising is the selective removal of branches to provide vertical clearance for buildings, signs, vehicles, or pedestrians.
  • Pruning to Reduce – Reduction is the selective removal of branches and stems to decrease the height and/or spread of a tree or shrub.
  • Structural Pruning – Structural Pruning is the removal of live branches to influence the orientation, spacing, growth rate, strength of attachment, and ultimate size of branches and stems.
  • Pruning to Restore – Restoration is the selective removal of branches, sprouts, and stubs from trees and shrubs that have been topped, severely headed, vandalized, broken in a storm, or otherwise damaged.

Tree Removal


RemovalTrees, as much as we may love them and care for them, are not immortal. Sometimes safely removing a dead or unsafe tree is the only option available. Trees can be damaged by pests, diseases, lightning, soil compaction and storms. Trees might need to be selectively thinned because of overcrowding. Sometimes we see a tree that is simply the wrong tree in the wrong place; for example a tree that should never have been planted under or near a power line, or is too large of a species for the location when mature.

Renaissance Tree Care, Inc. has the expertise, experience, equipment and personnel to safely and efficiently handle any tree removal situation. We have taken down trees that were over houses, garages, barns, hot tubs, driveways, streets, Koi fish ponds, pools, gazebos, signs, theatres, churches; you name it. We have safely removed trees that were surrounded by decks, driveways, houses, fences, retaining walls, shrubbery, and other trees. View our photo gallery to see us at work.



Safety is our top priority at Renaissance Tree Care, Inc. We carry arborists’ general liability insurance to protect you and your property. We carry workers’ compensation insurance. We will gladly provide certificates of insurance on request. We will work hard to minimize damage to your lawn, to your landscape, and to surrounding trees.

Special Equipment


We routinely perform crane removals. Sometimes a crane is the only option when the tree has lost its structural integrity and is unsafe to climb. Sometimes a crane is the most cost effective solution. We also regularly complete backyard removals where there is no access for equipment. We are willing and able to do whatever is required.

Stump Removal


Renaissance Tree Care, Inc. will also provide stump removal at your request.

“People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.” – Bryce Nelson